First Project using Nflightcam and iMovie

On Friday I experimented for the first time with a Contour HD camera by Nflightcam and Apple’s iMovie editing software. The test shots were hand held as I had not figured out the clamps needed or the best mounting points yet.

The flight was EMT Module II, Lesson 1, full and half aileron rolls left and right; the trainee was a law enforcement pilot based in Alaska from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

The run time for the snippet is 1:37. Though a rudimentary attempt, I enjoyed the process and am looking forward to improving with more practice and familiarity with the editing software.

A newer generation Nflightcam+ is on its way, which has been modified to eliminate most of the “venetian blind effect” when shooting through the propeller arc. The two cameras will allow videoing two points of view simultaneously. Both cameras have been modified by Nflightcam with headset jacks to record audio directly.

Thanks to Patrick Carter at Nflightcam for providing the camera to play with.

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