Book – Stall/Spin Awareness


Table of Contents

Twelve Stall/Spin Myths Exposed
Scope of The Stall/Spin ProblemPart One–Historical Perspective
Airplane Certification
Aeronautical Knowledge

Part Two–Accident Statistics
Stall/Spin Accidents
Inside The Numbers
Who’s Spinning In

Part Three–Exploring the Spin
Results of Spin Research
Spin Physiology & Human Factors
Spin Test Requirements & Practicalities
In the Cockpit with a Career Test Pilot

Part Four–Stall/Spin Awareness
Ground School
Stall Dynamics
Spin Dynamics
Expert Advice

Part Five–Enhanced Awareness
Procedure, Technique, & PARE®
The Truth About Manufacturer-Supplied Info
Spin Resistance & MOLEs; Columbia & Cirrus
Critical Flight Operations

Part Six–The Spin Training
The Stall Avoidane Myth
The FAA’s Stall Awareness Study
Addressing The Core Issues
Taking Charge of Your Education


A nice companion to the Stall/Spin Awareness DVD!
“We’ve been losing pilots needlessly to the stall/spin for far too long. It’s time we did something about it! For starters, every pilot should read this book.”– Patty Wagstaff, airshow pilot, three-time U.S. National Aerobatic Pilot, flight instructor “This book should become the Industry Standard to which all others will be compared.”
— T. Casagrande, pilot “a real page turner…. Clearly a tremendous effort. Absolutely awesome result.”
— T. Patch, pilot
520-pages, First Edition 2007
5-1/2 x 8-1/2, illustrated

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