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With over three decades of experience as an award-winning flight instructor and aviation safety expert, Rich Stowell has devoted his life to advancing aeronautical knowledge and enhancing safety through his innovative teaching methods and extensive resources.


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Free Learn to Turn Program

Enhance your aviation skills with Rich Stowell’s free Learn to Turn program, designed to reduce loss of control accidents in light airplanes.

This comprehensive program, featuring a 98-page booklet, 2-page graphics supplement, a 28-minute webinar recording, 12-minute video, several simulator missions, and a survey, takes a hands-on approach to teach crucial topics such as basic object motion, primary controls, various types of turns, accelerated stalls, and excellence in airmanship.

Pilots, and especially flight instructors are encouraged to use the program to gain more knowledge and experience with all aspects of turning flight.

My Books

Stall/Spin Awareness

Emergency Maneuver Training

Book Library Pack – Two Book Titles

Nine Principles of Light Airplane Flying

What people say

[Stowell] has given us a greatly detailed approach to the topic.... more than worthwhile in order to learn some vital information.
David Cooke
AOPA-Australia magazine, March 1996
I certainly hope many pilots of today take advantage of this fine publication.
Paul Poberezny
Founder & Chairman of the Board, Experimental Aircraft Association
The writing in this book is clear, concise, and helped by good graphic illustrations throughout.... Should you buy this book? Not just yes, but Heck YES.
Thomas White
Sport Aerobatics magazine, May 1996, p. 29
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