The development of the EMT® Program in 1987 set the standard for unusual attitude training. Since that time, Rich has earned an international reputation for innovative training techniques and quality instruction.

Aviation magazines and organizations have relied on his expertise for years. In fact, the EMT® Program and Rich's teachings have been featured in numerous magazine articles since 1988, not to mention many other references made as part of other magazine, newsletter, and newspaper articles.

Rich's mission remains spin, emergency maneuver, aerobatic, and tailwheel instruction. He's a specialist in a specialized field. And with remarks like the ones you'll see below, it's no wonder his schedule often books months in advance!

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Magazine Articles

Flying, January 2002, “Extra Maneuvers Training” Rich is interviewed about emergency maneuver training, his evolving relationship with Fighter Combat International, and the need for instructors and flight schools to incorporate emergency maneuvers into their training programs. Writer Jay Hopkins concludes, “I challenge every pilot to use Emergency Maneuvers Training to complete their next BFR or Wings program certification, and I hope that in the future all instructors can have tan opportunity to benefit from this training.”
Flight Training, August 2001, “Emergency Maneuver Training” “At the end of the course, more than mastering any particular maneuver, students have learned to master themselves – reacting quickly to even the slightest deviation, using precise and correct control inputs, and remaining calm in unusual situations.”
Aviation Safety, July 2001, “Stomach for Upset” “It’s well worth considering a program like this against the day when the airplane rolls on its back or an elevator cable snaps, so you can truly remain the pilot in command.”
Private Pilot, June 2001, “Handling Unusual Attitudes” The writer takes unusual attitude training with instructor Doug Carmody. Previously, Doug went though the EMT® Program with Rich and now offers a similar training program. Doug even uses the EMT® book and video as part of his course.
Cessna 150-152 Pilot, January 2001 Describes the EMT® Program and details forums and training Rich will be giving during the 2001 Sun-n-Fun fly-in.
Aviation Consumer, April 2000, “Surviving the Worst” “The most comprehensive offering of the sort we wanted was Rich Stowell’s Emergency Maneuver Training Program…. Stowell’s presentation gave us comprehension of elements which had been largely rote response before the course [and] the training cast things in a truly useful light for the first time.”
AOPA Pilot, August 1999, “Upset Recovery” The author cites information from Rich’s book in the article, and Rich’s contact information is included in a short directory of upset training schools.
Private Pilot, June 1998, “Emergency Maneuver Training” “As a 150-hour, not-so-confident pilot coming into this course, I left with just less than seven additional hours I wouldn’t trade for anything.”
Cessna Owner, August 1995, “Spin Training” Rich is interviewed for his thoughts on spin training.
Angkasa, November 1994, “Profil” Can anyone read Bahasa Indonesia?
Ninety-Nine News, March/April 1993, “Emergency Maneuver Training” Describes the evolution of the EMT® Program.
Southern Aviator, October 1992, “Spin Doctors” “Many special people fill aviation’s many niches…. But there are also those dedicated individuals who fill a very important void in aviation training. They choose to remain there because they truly feel the need to teach, they are dedicated to improving pilots’ skills and thereby enhancing aviation safety, they enjoy what they are doing, or all of these. Rich Stowell is a fine example.”
General Aviation News & Flyer, Second August Issue 1992 Rich rolls the Decathlon for the cover shot. Inside is an article on his “Stall/Spin Awareness” video.
US Aviator, July 1992, “Stall/spin training…airshow style” “I learned about a whole other type of flying, a completely new perspective of the envelope I had never encountered before…. definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had.”
Southern Aviator’s Sun ‘n Fun Today, April 10, 1992, “Taking a Spin” Describes a unique, live spin training demonstration conducted by Rich in front of the crowds as part of the daily airshow during Sun ‘n Fun 1992!
General Aviation News & Flyer, First August Issue 1991, “CP Aviation teaches ‘student friendly’ aerobatics” Describes Rich’s approach to training.
AOPA Pilot, February 1991, “Taildragger Transition” Describes tailwheel training with Rich in Santa Paula.
AOPA Pilot, November 1990, “Challenges: Confidence Course” “Rigorous, challenging, and exciting … perhaps the best training I have yet had.”
Private Pilot, February 1990, “In A Spin” Describes the EMT® Program, including candid interviews with several EMT® students.
Hot Kits & Homebuilts, October 1989, “Love, What Kind of Spin Am I In?” “Emergency Maneuver Training is the best kind of life insurance; it helps you avoid having an accident.”
Flying, October 1988, “Journey to the Other Side” “Stowell is no ordinary instructor…”
Sport Pilot, April 1988, “Emergency Maneuvers Training,” “An educating and eye-opening experience with applications to real life situations.”
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