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AOA during stalls in a Europa XS. During a training flight with the owner of an experimental airplane, Rich used his iPhone to video the behavior of the AOA system during prolonged coordinated and slipping stalls.

EMT Module III, Lesson 3, Design & Fly an Aerobatic Sequence. This is the first of three such sequences flown by the trainee, who was a 70-hour student pilot at the time. The sequence of six maneuvers only takes 1:55 start to finish.

AOPA Live discussion on “Aerodynamics: The Alpha Factor” with Bruce Landsberg during AirVenture 2011 (25 minutes). This is an abbreviated version of an AOPA webinar on the same subject.

For some background info on this snippet, read my blog entry.

The following was produced for the International Aerobatic Club as part of an article Rich wrote for the May 2009 issue of Sport Aerobatics magazine:

The following YouTube clips were shot by an audience member during an evening safety seminar in NJ in 2009:

On Unusual Attitudes

On Coordination Exercises

On Wing Stall Patterns & The Cirrus Wing

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