DVD – Basic Aerobatics


Based on the content of Module III of the EMT® Program

Maneuvers covered: Spin, Roll, Loop, Immelmann, 1/2 Cuban Eight, Reverse 1/2 Cuban Eight, Hammerhead Turn, Recoveries from Botched Maneuvers, Aerobatic Sequence.This DVD combines “superb aerial photography, creative use of digital graphics and excellent scripting and editing to come up with a nearly indispensable aid to those considering a departure from straight and level.”Rich Stowell introduces the basic building blocks of aerobatics – spins, rolls and loops – with a wealth of in-cockpit and from-the-ground views of each maneuver. Salted in are pilot’s eye views from the front cockpit of a Pitts, allowing you to see control inputs, entry speeds, altitude and G meter readings throughout the maneuvers covered….

“an accomplished and effective instructor, Stowell really seems to be in his element here. His delivery and on-camera mien are articulate and friendly….” — US Aviator magazine

54 Minutes


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