It seems airports only make headlines when pilots make mistakes and communities get fired up to close them. Portraying general aviation in a positive light requires inreach and outreach. Inreach involves services provided by and for the aviation community. Outreach means “providing services to populations who might not otherwise have access to those services.” In other words, outreach extends to the community-at-large.

Produced in 2017, this 11-1/2-minute screencast presents basic concepts regarding aviation outreach and challenges the industry to look for non-traditional ways to engage communities with their public-use airports. See also the paper, “Effective Outreach: Putting the ‘Public’ in Public-Use Airports – A Case Study Using a Small Airport as a Living Laboratory for STEM,” as well as the “Guidebook for the Preservation of Public Use Airports.”

In May 2014, I had the honor of presenting the luncheon keynote during the 19th Annual NJ Aviation Conference hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition at Princeton University. I produced this 22-minute video after the event with a voiceover recording of the text of the speech combined with my keynote graphics and a photo taken mid-speech.

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