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Cost: $3.95

Suitability: Grades 6–8 (ages 11–14)
Duration: One lesson, 60 minutes

Essential Question: What does the circle have to do with everyday life?
Overview: Students determine an approximate value of pi, apply critical thinking skills to reverse-engineer the basic formula for speed, adapt the formula to circular motion, and find the speeds of rotating objects like the tips of an airplane propeller, people on the earth, the earth around the sun, and the International Space Station around the earth.
Includes: Lesson plan, worksheets, PowerPoint slides.

Cost: $3.95

Suitability: Grades 7–11 (ages 12–16)
Duration: One lesson, 60 minutes

Essential Question: What does it mean to communicate?
Overview: Students learn the basis of effective communication and the phonetic alphabet used by pilots, map out the route from one location to another on an airport per instructions from air traffic control, and identify a navigational aid by listening to its Morse code designator.
Includes: Lesson plan, worksheets, PowerPoint slides, audio files.

Cost: $14.95

Suitability: Grades 5–7 (ages 10–13)
Duration: One unit, four lessons, 50 minutes per lesson

Essential Question: What’s the difference between falling and flying?
Overview: Students explore Newton’s laws, the Magnus Effect, and the engineering design process; human performance vis-à-vis the motor skills needed to launch and maneuver tumblewings; flight performance by collecting glide distance information; and effective communication by creating a tumblewing user’s manual.
Includes: Unit and lesson plans, worksheets, curated content, PowerPoint slides, video files.

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