“It’s The Right Attitude!”

The original UPRT program since 1987

Featuring Rich’s Renowned Building Block Training Techniques

Three Specialized Training Modules, Each One Including:
Three hours of Ground plus three hours of Flight Instruction spread over four Lessons

The EMT program has been taught to aviators ranging in experience from student pilots to airline captains, from corporate pilots to military test pilots. Trainees come from around the world: across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico; Australia, Indonesia, and Japan; the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany; Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and Brazil. All to experience a program designed to expand their flying skills as well as to have as much fun as one can in an airplane. Read some of the comments from former students, then have a look at the Program syllabus:

“Rigorous, challenging, and exciting . . . perhaps the best training I have yet had.” –B. Gruber, AOPA Pilot magazine

“Emergency Maneuver Training is the best kind of life insurance; it helps you avoid having an accident.” –M. Rozanski, Hot Kits & Homebuilts magazine

“An educating and eye-opening experience with applications to real life situations.” –A. Laboda, Sport Pilot magazine

“It truly was the pinnacle of my student pilot training.” –L. Miller, private pilot

“I learned more comparatively in one week than many other years combined.” –R. Johnston, Fish & Wildlife Service

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EMT MODULE I — Stall/Spin Awareness

Lesson 1
1. Climbing Dutch Rolls
2. Turns & Slow Flight
3. Stalls—Power On & Power Off
4. Rudder Stall Exercise
5. Introduce One-Turn Spin
Lesson 2
1. Review
2. One-Turn Spins Left & Right
3. Two-Turn Spins Left & Right
4. Spin Orientation
5. 180 Degree Power Off Approach to Land
Lesson 3
1. Review Spins
2. Spin Dynamics
3. Selected Aggravated Spin Modes
4. Unusual Attitudes—Spin Recoveries
5. 180 Degree Power off Approach to Land
Lesson 4
1. Incipient Spin Entries
2. Skidding Turns
3. Critical Flight Operations
4. Spirals
5. 180 Degree Power Off Approach to Land
6. Optional—Introduction to Rolls

Prerequisites: None

EMT MODULE II — In-Flight Emergencies

Lesson 1
1. Review Dutch Rolls & Spins
2. Aileron Rolls Left & Right
3. Half Aileron Rolls Left & Right
4. Inverted Flight
5. 180 Degree Power Off Approach to Land
Lesson 2
1. Review Spins
2. Rolls & Half Rolls Left & Right
3. Unusual Attitudes—Overbanked Recoveries
4. Aerobatic-Style Turns
5. 180 Degree Power Off Approach to Land
Lesson 3
1. Review Spins & Rolls
2. Slips Left & Right
3. Slipping Turns Left & Right
4. Turning Dutch Rolls
5. Slip to Land on Final Approach
Lesson 4
1. Review Spins & Rolls
2. Simulated Control Loss Practice
3. Simulated Off-Airport Landings
4. 180 Degree Power Off Approach to Land
5. Optional—Introduction to Loops

Prerequisites: EMT® Module I or equivalent

EMT MODULE III — Basic Aerobatics

Lesson 1
1. Review Spins & Rolls
2. Half Loops
3. Full Loops
4. Immelmanns
Lesson 2
1. Review Loops, Spins, & Rolls
2. Half Cuban Eights
3. Hammerhead Turns
Lesson 3
1. Review All Maneuvers
2. Design & Fly an Aerobatic Sequence
Lesson 4
1. Review All Maneuvers
2. Inverted Turns
3. Inverted Dutch Rolls
4. Inverted Spins Left & Right

Prerequisites: EMT® Modules I & II or equivalent

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