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NTSB: “Thank you for your participation in the National Transportation Safety Board’s General Aviation Accident Prevention Symposium. Your role as a panelist for the Spin Accident Panel helped make the symposium a success. In particular, your specialized knowledge provided the participants with valuable information and insight. The Safety Board has received many positive comments on your panel’s presentations.” — Jim Hall, Acting Chairman, NTSB

ERAU: “Your discussion of the stall/spin accident down in Homestead, Florida was excellent, with it motivating me to come down front and speak with you. I’ve already accessed your web site and will use info obtained there for an upcoming ERAU Team 7 Safety Briefing, as I’m their Team Safety Leader (TSL). Thank you very much for making the info regarding stall/spin awareness so readily available. Who knows, it just may save the life of an instructor or student here in the skies surrounding Daytona Beach!” — Steve Lasday, ERAU TSL

FAA: “The Van Nuys FSDO would like to personally thank you for your presentation on Spin Recovery Procedures versus Technique at our recent biennial designated pilot examiners meeting…. Your informative and highly educational presentation of this key subject was well received and serves to remind many of the group of the aerodynamic factors present in spin instruction and testing.” — W.J. Mattingly, Acting Manager, Van Nuys FSDO

FAA: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for presenting two seminars at the Spring Air Fair…. we appreciate the information and expertise you contributed.” — J.B. Porter, Ops Safety Program Manager, Fairbanks FSDO

International Aerobatic Club: “On behalf of the IAC, I thank you for your participation in the recently completed FAA-sponsored Spin video. The FAA is delighted with the finished product. They told us that this video directly addressed the issues and was well done…. Your proactive participation was a key reason for the very successful outcome of the [project].” — Dave Lammers, Vice President, IAC

Cirrus Design Corporation: “I took the course because I flight test the Cirrus SR20. Although its flight characteristics have proven to be exceptional, until you flight test, you don’t know what the results of aggravated stalls will be. I also do a lot of flight demos with customers who I don’t really know about. If one of them was to force the aircraft into an unusual attitude, I wanted to learn how to recover the aircraft safely.

“Rich Stowell is a very easy-going and exceptional instructor. He made everything completely clear in the briefs, cockpit fam and throughout the flights.” — Gary Black, Director of Flight Ops, Cirrus Design

Washington State DOT: “several people went out of their way to thank me for bringing you to our show. Your topic was right on [and] your delivery such that they could understand what you are talking about. It is possible that you might have, at some future date, saved a life.” — B.A. Holmes, Chief Pilot

EMT® Students

“I thought the individual lessons were skillfully designed and integrated into a comprehensive program. I feel that I learned much more than I would
have from a basic aerobatics course.” — D.C., Utah

“I wanted to thank you again for the excellent Emergency Maneuver Training…. I’ve told all my pilot friends about your program…. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for helping me become a safer, more confident pilot.” — A.D., Oregon

“I have highly recommended it to all of the pilots I know!” — L.S., California

“Spread the word … ‘real training is back!'” — J.H., Arizona

“I really feel that the EMT® course is the best flight training I have ever had.” — S.S., California

“I was impressed strongly with your instruction. I can’t explain details of this impression exactly in English, but I felt I have finally found what I have been looking for!” — M.K., Japan

“I enjoyed the EMT® Course last week. I had been seeking programs to address spin training and emergency maneuvers, and had always wondered what it would be like to perform aerobatics. Your excellent course combined all, plus had the added benefit of Wings certification and taildragger experience. Thanks for making the week both fun and challenging.” — J.S., Indiana

“I learned more comparatively in one week than many other years combined.” — R.J., Alaska

“it truly was the pinnacle of my student pilot training.” — L.M., California

“I’d like to thank you again for giving me the right tools and the confidence to escape from inadvertent flight maneuvers, which, in my opinion, should be included in basic flight training.” — C.Z., The Netherlands

“the most exciting and rewarding experience I have encountered.” — J.B., Indiana

“It was great to work with you. You have developed a very structured program … and I have put it to good use already.” — L.H., Illinois

“I especially appreciated the instructing insights and techniques you passed along to me.” — J.L., Minnesota

“I really enjoyed it! Thank you very much.” — T.M., Japan

“Thanks also for the great instruction. You have a talent for flying and teaching — you’re clear and concise and create confidence in the learning process.” — M.Z., California

“The best value for money in private flying today. Very sobering but at the same time, constructive and encouraging.” — J.A., Hong Kong

“Your explanations in the class room were extremely good. Basic and easy to understand…” — R.C., Canada

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