GETTING READY FOR SPINS, Aerobatics, & Other Unusual Attitudes

33 minutes, $14.95

US Aviator magazine wrote: “a 30-minute look at what to expect from all attitude flight training. You’ll have a pilot’s-eye view of spins, loops and other aerobatic maneuvers AND you’ll learn the answers to questions you may have been too embarrassed to ask; from finding a flight school to mastering motion sickness….

“Stowell prepares your mind and body for entry into an entirely new world of sights, sounds and sensations…. [he’s] more interested in alleviating your apprehension and instilling confidence, knowledge, respect for the airplane and understanding your own capabilities….

“Production elements, sound, photography, text, scripting, material etc. are all done in a first-rate fashion.”

Air Progress magazine wrote: “the ‘bible’ for anyone interested in aerobatics.”


84 minutes, $29.95

General Aviation News & Flyer magazine wrote: “a professional product…. It takes you into the cockpit where you can readily visualize, experience and better understand stalls and spins and other unusual attitudes…. the explanations are also enhanced by excellent electronic graphics…. you likely will want to watch it repeatedly, learning something new from each review.”

Sport Aerobatics magazine wrote: “a video for pilots who want to really understand stalls and spins.”

US Aviator magazine wrote: “interesting and entertaining…. If after viewing ‘Stall/Spin Awareness,’ you go out and get some spin training, this video could very well be credited with someday saving your life. Get yourself a copy!”

In Flight magazine wrote: “you are guaranteed to get more than just talk….”

Flight Training magazine wrote: “a worthwhile addition to any pilot’s video library.”

Student pilot M. Ferzan wrote: “It was like a light bulb had gone on inside my head.”

Private pilot H. Spillars wrote: “We need more of this type of education!”

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54 minutes, $59.95

US Aviator magazine wrote: This video combines “superb aerial photography, creative use of digital graphics and excellent scripting and editing to come up with a nearly indispensable aid to those considering a departure from straight and level.

“Rich Stowell introduces the basic building blocks of aerobatics – spins, rolls and loops – with a wealth of in-cockpit and from-the-ground views of each maneuver. Salted in are pilot’s eye views from the front cockpit of a Pitts, allowing you to see control inputs, entry speeds, altitude and G meter readings throughout the maneuvers covered….

“an accomplished and effective instructor, Stowell really seems to be in his element here. His delivery and on-camera mien are articulate and friendly….”

General Aviation News & Flyer magazine wrote: “a step-by-step examination of basic and compound maneuvers.”

In Flight magazine wrote: This video has a “high concentration of flight footage that helps pilots understand and prepare for unusual attitudes and aerobatic flight.”


90 minutes, $69.95

Sport Aerobatics magazine wrote: “I was very impressed with the quality of the photography, the air-to-airs, the cockpit shots, and the clarity of Rich Stowell’s presentations.”

Kitplanes magazine wrote: “one of the best training videos I’ve ever seen.”

AOPA Pilot magazine wrote: “Spins, recovery from inverted flight, emergency landings, and other procedures are covered in theory as well as in practice, with vivid air-to-air footage illustrating each point.”

US Aviator magazine wrote: “filled throughout with useful, realistic and easy to comprehend advice…. it’ll probably save your life one day.”

Private Pilot magazine wrote: “a quality product that most pilots would do well to watch.”
Flight Training magazine wrote: “well worth the cost for the information it provides.”

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