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2014 National FAASTeam Rep of the Year

2006 National CFI of the Year

Official Spin Doctor since 2000; Master Instructor since 1999
SAFE Founders Award - 2008

33,400 Spins --- 24,300 Landings --- 9,700 Hours

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"Rich Stowell has the unique ability to dissect complex topics in a way that all pilots can understand. His message is safety and his approach makes sense." - Rod Machado

"This book should become the Industry Standard
to which all others will be compared."
- Tom Casagrande

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Specialized Instruction

Dedicated to spin, emergency maneuver, aerobatic, & tailwheel training since 1987

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"Emergency Maneuver Training"
AOPA's Flight Training magazine
August 2001:

"At the end of the course, more than mastering
any particular maneuver, students have
learned to master themselves - reacting quickly
to even the slightest deviation, using precise
and correct control inputs, and remaining
calm in unusual situations."

"Journey to the Other Side"
Flying magazine, October 1988:

"Stowell is no ordinary instructor..."


Aviators Model Code of Conduct (AMCC)

Charter Member: Society of Aviation
& Flight Educators (SAFE)

Board of Review: Master Instructors LLC

Council on Unusual Attitude Training
& Education (CUATE)

International Aerobatic Club (IAC)

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA)

General Aviation Awards Program

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